Be the Boss Pod Season 3 Ep 2 with Mixed Miyagi

We are excited to announce our 2nd episode with Mixed Miyagi, a local artist, a philosopher, and a boss. Natti Lite and The Ani-me dive into Mixed Miyagi’s first-ever interview.

We discuss his creative process, how he balances art and everyday life, and his views on success.

This is an inspirational and motivating conversation that will get you thinking about your own personal definition of success.

About Mixed Miyagi:

Originally from Can Tho, Vietnam, “Miyagi” was raised in Tampa, FL, where he was captivated by the Hip-Hop culture. As a biracial immigrant, his music expresses passion for social justice, cultural awareness, lyricism, and clever wordplay.

Check out his artist profile:

Follow him on social:   

If you’re looking for some food for thought, be sure to check out this episode of Be the Boss Podcast!

“I would wish for people to be more open minded.” – Mixed Miyagi



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