Meet the Host – Nadia aka Natti Lite

    Today we dive into the mind of Natti “Be the Boss” Lite. Just like her ever-changing nickname, she is constantly mastering a new skill and walk of life. The questions she’s asked are completely random and unknown. She reveals to the world what she believes is her ultimate dream and calling (which is on some bullsh*t) but hey if someone can pull it off it’s her!

    “They want you to conform to their

    idealistic visions of what a typical business person looks like,

    just do you, be you”

    – Nadia

    Get to know Nadia, a host of the podcast, her interests and what makes her so creative, unique and interesting of a person. She is not your typical 9-5 job woman but instead an aspiring rapper that is here to help you find your inner boss and find the motivation to be your own boss. 

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